My Websites

In addition to DIY Sermon Outlines, I also operate a few other websites.

Plain Bible Teaching – This is a site I started in 2005 where I post Bible articles at least once a week. If you visit the site, you can also sign up for the PBT Weekly Newsletter that contains new articles, as well as links to Bible articles, religious news, and other items of interest around the web.

Eastside church of Christ – This is the website for the congregation where I preach regularly. The site contains sermon audio, class material, articles, bulletins, and more.

Gospel Armory – This is the publishing business I started when I wrote my first book. In addition to my books, I will also be publishing materials that others have written. I have several projects in the works here that I’m excited about.

Notes & Observations – This is my website where I post multi-part studies which are usually taken from a series of sermons I have preached or a Bible class I have taught.