We’re Moving…

DIY Sermon Outlines is moving to the Plain Bible Teaching website and will continue as Plain Bible Teaching Sermons.

Plain Bible Teaching SermonsIf you visit Plain Bible Teaching Sermons, all of the outlines that have been posted here have already been added over there. All new outlines, instead of being added here, will now be added on that site.

If you visit the DIY Sermon Outlines website directly, please update your bookmark to the new site – Plain Bible Teaching Sermons.

If you receive DIY Sermon Outlines by email, you will be automatically added to the Plain Bible Teaching email list (if you are not already on it) so you can receive the weekly newsletter that will contain the new outlines that are added. [If you prefer not to be on the Plain Bible Teaching email list, feel free to unsubscribe when you receive the first email.]

Thank you for your interest in the material that has been posted here over the last ten years. I hope this change will prove to be beneficial to everyone.

—Andy Sochor